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The Premio Dardo Awards and Me and You!

I so feel like following the Shat's lead and raising a glass. Let me tell you why...

What kind of thrill was it to log onto Kindertrauma today and see that I had been bestowed the honor The Permio Dardo Award. The Dardo is essentially an acknowledgement that someone is coming on my blog and enjoying it! This of course made my day. I am not completely familiar with this award but love the concept of it – someone links to five blogs worth visiting and then these bloggers nominate five and so on and so forth. It’s fosters that community spirit that I keep bitching doesn’t exist – when it does. That’s why this is so neat. Somebody out there created something that helps promotes blogs which deserve promotion. So, here are the five blogs that I think you absolutely must go visit. NOW!

Anchorwoman in Peril: Oh man, Anchorwoman is awesome and a must. Ross Horsely, the stud who runs this blog seems to have almost everything in common with me (minus the one thing that makes him a boy – I admit, I don’t not have that!), so when I discovered his blog, it was love at first sight. His sense of humor is undeniable and guaranteed you’ll be giggling through some of his reviews. At the same time, he never belittles the film, showing a true passion that is truly addictive!

Cinema du Meep: I have been wanting my friend Michael Ferrari to really move ahead with his writing and as part of New Year’s resolution, he started this blog. So it’s pretty new but is already filled with great insight on the films Meep loves – and does he love films! My favorite article so far: The Top Ten Movie Shows to Watch at 3:14 am!

John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film and Television: Muir is a well known critic and historian to the horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre and all that’s attached to it. He’s one of the best writers online today, and spotlights some really great underrated films and television shows. If you don’t believe me, read this amazing review for the The X Files: I Want to Believe. Pure poetry.

Enchanted World of Rankin and Bass: What Kindertrauma does to scare the pants off you, Rick Goldschmidt does to remind you why the innocence of growing up in the 70s was so freakin’ awesome. There’s a lot of love here, not to mention some great insight on the amazing creations of Rankin and Bass.

Johnny La Rue’s Crane Shot: Once I stumbled across this site, I never left. Full of insightful reviews of everything from pulp novels to TV Movies to 80s action, there is never a dull moment over at the Crane Shot. Well written, thoughtful and brimming with nostalgia, this is the kind of blog you read when you want to learn about vintage films and books while being thoroughly entertained!

I’d like to give a big thank you to the guys at Kindertrauma for bestowing this honor and I hope all who pass through enjoy my little blog. Made for TV movies have been a great passion of mine and yeah, I feel all rewarded and crap. So sue me!

I know, I can't stop smiling either!



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Feb. 9th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
Congrats and thanks!
Congratulations on this honor: you deserve it! Your blog is an amazing "trip" to the halcyon days of the great (and not so great) made-for-tv movies. It's a regular stop for me as a reader.

And a deep, sincere thank you for thinking of me, and my blog, in regards to passing on the award. It means a lot to me. You made my day!

All my best,
John K. Muir
Jan. 25th, 2011 01:10 pm (UTC)
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